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  Romeo Barbaro
Scholar and interpreter of ethnic music and folklore. Privileged part of his creative experience and research is that the songs 'to fronne' and 'a child', the tarantella, songs carters, the tammurriate, accompanied by various percussion instruments traditional Vesuvius in particular, and more general of Southern Italy, which tammorre, castanets, putipù, triccaballacche, scetavaiasse. During his career he was a member of several historical groups of popular music such as' Laboratory of ancient music and popular ',' Kitra Morisca ',' Dance of Dionysus Ensemble ',' Cortef Campania region ',' Paranza of Sommesi ',' Vesuviana Sound '.
Creator and conductor paths musical education of the local tradition at schools of all levels, is Professor of rhythms and dances on the drum at the Academy for theater actors 'R.Bracco' of Naples. Frequently collaborates with the New Orchestra Scarlatti.
The songs of the peasants of the people living on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, are materializing in the form of expression of that civilization made ​​up of collective rituals, festivals, fears and devotions; occasions when the people below gives vent to anxieties, daily emotions, trying to exorcise all in a kind of purifying action. The musical paths proposed by Romeo Barbaro, through the evocation of sounds and voices, reconstruct this history that has never been written, and never remembered, thus finds its size, its roots.

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